Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Importance of Budgeting While Traveling

With an MBA in finance from Case Western Reserve University, Bassem Mansour serves as co-CEO of Resilience Capital Partners in Beachwood, Ohio. In his free time, Bassem Mansour of Hunting Valley, Ohio enjoys traveling.

Traveling on a budget is an important skill for you to learn. The last thing you want to do is end up stranded in a foreign country because you didn’t create a basic budgeting plan. One of the first steps you might take in traveling on a budget is creating a list of all the destinations you'd like to go to and see if you have the resources, assets, and cash to do so.

Keeping track of your cash flow for traveling purposes is one of the key components to ensure you have enough money to get through the entire trip from beginning to end. This includes budgeting for unexpected expenses, keeping track of your traveling expenses, and doing free things like walking along a foreign beach. With a goal-oriented mindset, you can learn the importance of budgeting while traveling too.

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